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Risk Radar

Advantages of a risk radar and news media contributor

Risk radar is a risk management database that enables the identification, evaluation, and monitoring of risks in a friendly and easy-to-use manner. In the current advancement in technology, risk management is becoming difficult to predict in the management of software projects. We can, however, adopt a simple risk management process to predict these uncertainties and their impact. Besides mitigating threats, risk management also enables learning from past errors and avoiding them in the future, which increases the chances of success and also cushion the impact of risks. Risk radar has many benefits for firms. These include the following:

  • Risk radar uses artificial intelligence, which monitors the supply chain, making managers accurately understand risk exposure and, hence, help them make the right decisions.

  • Saves on time-it is easy to understand the impact of risk and take an appropriate corrective measure.

  • Enhances efficiency-it enables businesses to focus more on their category by customizing interactions with the external environment.

  • It helps strengthen the supply network by revealing risky situations in the supply chain and actions thereof to prevent their impact.


A news media contributor should follow the following guidelines relating to sharing content on various media platforms:

  • The content should be relevant for the target audience and touch on issues affecting people in social media and the digital world.

  • A news media contributor should present their content. In case the information belongs to someone else, the author credits them accordingly.

  • Ideas should be adequately explained for clarity and easy understanding by users.


Social media, in modern times, is the source of information for many people. Therefore, it is essential to have contributors from the community of writers who share their views and insights on various life topics. Jonathan Wackrow encourages a news media contributor to submit new content often for sorting and selection for publication by the editorial team.

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