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Law Enforcement Analyst

Understanding Wackrow and roles of a law enforcement analyst

Jonathan Wackrow is a leading firm that offers professional advice on crisis preparedness, planning, and security risk management. We provide a holistic approach in identifying, reducing, and control of operational threats to businesses. It is part of risk reduction to include executive protection, crisis management procedures, physical protection, response, and critical infrastructure protection. Jonathan Wackrow leads campaigns on crisis communication and offers professional advice to management teams, Chief executive officers, and boards on security-related matters. Jonathan Wackrow believes that corporate security is a crucial workforce multiplier in the overall achievement of a company's financial goals.

Jonathan Wackrow is a Law Enforcement Analyst on security and risk management in different platforms. Law enforcement analysis involves collecting and analyzing data related to the crime to mitigate and respond to new and existing criminal activities in the community. The roles of a law enforcement analyst, therefore, include the following;

  • Preparing, analyzing, and disseminating information relating to criminal activities to promote law enforcement

  • We are providing analysis of criminal information in intelligence reports and news.

  • Law enforcement analysts assist in planning the deployment of resources for the prevention of criminal activities.

  • Use day-to-day reviews of crime patterns and offer advice to relevant personnel on the appropriate course of action.

  • Provide crime analysis information relating to specific investigations. This involves geographical mapping of crime zones, identifying trends, patterns, and perpetrators of crime.


Law enforcement analysts go beyond the facts in the analysis, for instance, when commentating. Analysis can help you know what you did not know before, and help you understand criminal issues from a broader perspective. A law enforcement analyst can also tell how well or poor the information collected is, identify gaps for further investigations and help people in the media share their understanding of crime with others.

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